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10155049_579053505535833_2098384312611024488_nblack polished 1 (1)black polished 1 (2)coyote with desert sand - Copycoyote with polished buckle - CopyDSC00001DSC00002 - CopyDSC00002FG, desert sand, and blk10246468_579053512202499_2124971448718890706_n10325670_579053515535832_8900315543250781617_nThe Covert Cobra , a true 1.5 wide Cobra Belt

After a very long search for a suitable webbing for a 1.5 belt, I have finally found some for the ultimate CCW belt, stiff while remaining comfortable. Made of two layers of coarse grained 1.5 webbing with a mild stiffening strip laminated between the layers, sewn with a total of 7 passes of #69 thread and velcro secures the free end, I can also do a version without velcro.

1.5 wide Webbing color choices:

Coyote brown
MAS Grey

And the cobra 1.5 buckles color choices : Black, Desert sand (close to coyote brown), Austriaplin Coyote brown (which is like a flat bronze color), foliage green (caster grey), and polish aluminum.


These retail for $50.00 plus shipping

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